Genital Warts

genital wartsIf you think you might have genital warts, the best thing to do is visit your doctor. A medical doctor or other health care worker can diagnose genital warts when they see them on a patient.
Females with genital warts should also have an examination for a potential HPV infection of the cervix.By applying an amount of vinegar (acetic acid) to the suspected area of infection, your physician will often be able to identify some otherwise invisible or difficult to detect warts in the genital tissue. This vinegar solution will cause an infected area to turn white, which makes it more visible. This is true, , particularly if you have a procedure called a colposcopy performed. During the colposcopy, your physician will utilize a magnifying instrument to look at the vagina and the cervix. Occasionally, the doctor will take a small piece of sample tissue from the cervix and examine it under the microscope.
A Pap smear test is also helpful in indicating the possible presence of a cervical HPV infection. In a Pap smear, sample cells are scraped from the cervix and examined under the microscope to see if they are cancerous. If your Pap smear shows any abnormality, you might have an HPV infection. Any woman with an abnormal Pap smear should ask her doctor to examine her further to check for and treat any existing cervical problems.
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